Иностранный язык в профессиональной деятельности тест итоговый — Синергия ответы


Иностранный язык в профессиональной деятельности тест итоговый — Синергия ответы. Помощь студентам Синергия/МОИ/ МТИ /МОСАП тесты.


Иностранный язык в профессиональной деятельности тест итоговый — Синергия ответы. Экзамен 100 баллов — Отлично

A highly talented student may enroll in a school for __________ children.
All elementary schools teach basic reading, _____________ and elementary mathematics skills.
At the age of 62 he _______________________ early retirement.
Boarding school implies __________
By the time I finished reading the exercise I _______the answer.
Constructivist approach fosters ______________ thinking and provides learners with a learning environment that helps them make connections with their learnings.
Curriculum is _________
Distance learning implies_____________
Education for the under-fives, mainly from 3 to 5, is not ____________.
Education is__________
elementary education
extra-curricular activities
Gage asserts that teachers, “because of the inevitable complexity of the teaching process, engage in _________________ activity”.
He never _____________________ to what you say.
How long __________Swahili?
I was exhausted at the end of the exam. I _____ for over two hours.
I ______ English since 1950 but even if I continue for another fifty years, I don’t think I will ever sound British.
I _______ the whole weekend and now I’m exhausted. But the test is on Monday morning so I need to keep going.
If you don’t want to cut open dead frogs then you shouldn’t take ___.
I’m sorry I missed your call. I _____ a shower and I simply didn’t hear the phone ring.
In ___ we had to wear special glasses because we were using dangerous chemicals.
In many countries, a person wishing to become a teacher at ____________ schools must first obtain professional qualifications or credentials.
In many countries, extensive ___________________ reforms are taking place as economies build the capacity required to operate in a globalised world.
In the 19th century there were many critics who feared that allowing working-class children to acquire_____ would give them ambitions above their social status
intensive course
It was only when I ______ half the book that I realised I had read it before many years earlier.
Knowledge is _____________
learn by heart
learning materials
Literacy is__________
Look at that crowd. I wonder what they_________________for.
Many teachers know their __________ very well, but have limited knowledge of teaching methodology.
mature student
Motivation is _________
My favourite subject is ___. I’m very good with numbers.
No-one even noticed when I got home. They _____ the big game on TV.
Only students who are ___ on this course may enter the classroom.
private schooling
Pupils are given ____________________, assignments to be done at home and handed in to the teacher the next day.
School is ______________
secondary education
She tried to ___ on her test, but her teacher caught her and she was kicked out of school.
Since young learners have limited attention spans, it is important to include several short ___________________ in a lesson and to move quickly from one activity to another.
Skill is ______________
Teacher is ________________
Teachers may use a lesson plan to ___________ student learning, providing a course of study which covers a standardized curriculum.
Teachers should provide _____________ to students in the forms of praise, use of student ideas, and corrective forms that allow students to respond appropriately.
tertiary education
There will be no way to ___ this test if you fail.
This is my favourite pair of shoes. I’ve had them since _______Milan when I was student in Italy.
This is the first time that somebody _________ to bring their pet dog into the classroom. I’m afraid we can’t allow it.
To attend classes implies ________
To be a good teacher one of the most important things is to have a ______________ that makes people want to attend to you and to do things that you are asking them to do.
To play truant means ________
To work for this company you need a university ___.
Tuition fees are _____________
We learned how rivers are formed today in ___.
We signed up for the CAE exam last week but we yet _______our official exam entry papers.
You should begin to develop your ______________ skills as you work with other candidates and professors on campus.
You should spend at least 2 hours a day ___ for your test.
You will get your score for this interactive test as soon as you _______(click) the submit button at the bottom of the page.