Иностранный язык (английский) тест с ответами ИМЭС. 47 баллов — Отлично


Иностранный язык (английский) тест с ответами ИМЭС. 47 баллов — Отлично


Иностранный язык (английский) тест с ответами ИМЭС. 47 баллов — Отлично

This house is _____ than the one across the street.

the highest

the most high


more higher


I _____ Adam again in the park this morning.

was seeing

had seen

had been seeing



She _____ to her favourite actor for about half an hour before she realized that she was asleep.

had been talking

was talking

had talked



They decided to go to the beach while the sun _____.

was still shining

had still shone

had still been shining

still shine


One day, while I _____ a friend to design his website, I suddenly realized that I could earn some money from my website design skills.

had helped

was helping


had been helping


They lived _____ ten years ago.


most happiest

more happier

more happy


They _____ the same restaurant for years before they found a better one.


had go

had been going

were going


The laptop is OK now. My dad _____ it yesterday.

was repairing

had repaired

had been repairing



She _____ out last night.

hadn’t gone

wasn’t go

didn’t go

doesn’t going


I _____ my own business in 2006.

had been starting

had started


was starting


I called you this morning, but you didn’t answer the phone. _____ a shower?

Had you taked

Did you take

Had you been taking

Were you taking


You haven’t got much experience. You ought to drive _____.

more carefully

more carefullier

the most carefullest

the most careful


Paul _____ on the phone when he noticed an accident.

was talking


had talked

had been talking


You should visit your grandparents _____.

more often


more oftener

less oftener


That was terrifying: people around us _____.

has been screaming

were screaming


had been screamed


When you get to a higher position in a company, it means:

you are employed

you advance in the career

you are promoted

you are fired


You are at a business dinner when someone toasts you. What should you do?

stand up and give a long speech

smile and thank the toaster

stand up and sing a song

say «thank you» and take a sip of your drink


When you use your money badly and carelessly, it means you:

waste your money

spend your money

estimate your money

blow your money


The synonym for the money you spend on something is:






— How much is this notebook? -_____ 1.5$.

It’s worth

It’s paid

It’s costed

It costs


When we say that prices are reasonable, we mean:

the prices are high

the prices are average

the prices are affordable

the prices are very cheap


The company has to pay _____ in order to function within the law.

the receipts

the currency

the bills

the taxes


Match the words to their definitions

monetary compensation that employees receive for providing services to an organization


formal, the activity that one does on a long-term basis, it may be both paid or unpaid


something that is your responsibility to do to earn money


an activity that a person uses physical or mental effort to do, usually for money


Match the words to their definitions

the last one’s money

bottom dollar

a fixed amount of money agreed every year as pay for an employee, usually paid directly into his or her bank account every month


the money earned by an employee, when paid for the hours worked


money that is earned in trade or business after paying the costs of producing and selling goods and services


Match the words to their definitions

a significant decline in economic activity that lasts for months or even years

economic recession

actions by a government, bank, etc. that are intended to encourage activity and growth in the economy

economic stimulus

the study of how we choose to use resources


the process of removing government controls or rules from a country’s economy or from a particular industry

economic deregulation


Match the words to their definitions

pocket money

an amount of money that parents regularly give to their child to spend as they choose

weekly allowance

money that is given to someone on a regular seven days’ basis


an amount of money paid for a particular piece of work or service


monetary compensation that employees receive for providing services to an organization


Match the words to their definitions

a person whose job is to receive and pay out money


a note customer has in which the whole amount owed for items bought must be paid for immediately

cash account

a machine that dispenses money when a personal coded card is used

cash point

a drawer for money in a shop

cash till


Match the words to their definitions

an amount of money that is borrowed from a bank, and has to be paid back, usually together with an extra amount of money that you have to pay as a charge for borrowing


a reduction in the usual price


something, especially money, that is owed to someone else


the percentage of principal charged by the lender for the use of its money

interest rate


Match the words to their definitions

an agreement between two people or groups in which each promises to do something in exchange for something else


a loan secured by real estate


the money that is used in a particular country at a particular time


a relative value between the amount of money you get while changing for the money of another country

exchange rate