Иностранный язык 4к1с ГТЭП (ответы на тест)


Иностранный язык 4к1с ГТЭП (ответы на тест)


Иностранный язык 4к1с ГТЭП (ответы на тест)

Раскройте скобки.
When morning came, the storm already (are stopping, have stopped, had stopped), but the snow still (falls, will fall, was falling).
1. are stopping, falls
2. had stopped, was falling
3. have stopped, will fall

Раскройте скробки.
Yesterday by 8 o’clock he (finished, had finished, will finish) all his homework, and when I (came, comes, had come) to his place at nine, he (is reading, was reading, read) the book.
1. finished, comes, is reading
2. will finish, had come, read
3. had finished, came, was reading

Раскройте скобки.
I (am waiting, was waiting, have been waiting) for permission to go abroad for already three weeks, but I (haven’t received, hadn’t received, didn’t receive) the visa yet.
1. have been waiting, haven’t received
2. was waiting, didn’t receive
3. am waiting, hadn’t received

Раскройте скобки.
We (was drinking, were drinking) tea when the telephone (rang, rung).
1. were drinking, rang
2. was drinking, rung

Раскройте скобки.
John noticed that everybody (was looking, is looking, are looking) at him, and he (feel, felt, feels) shy.
1. are looking, feels
2. was looking, felt
3. is looking, feel

Раскройте скобки.
When I (comes, came) to Peter’s house last Sunday, he (is reading, was reading) a new book.
1. comes, is reading
2. came, was reading

Раскройте скобки.
When will he come? We (have been waiting, will wait, had been waiting) for him
for already half an hour.
1. have been waiting
2. had been waiting
3. will wait

Раскройте скобки.
The concert (are, were, was) a greater success than we (have expected, had expected, will have expected).

1. are, have expected
2. were, will have expected
3. was, had expected

Раскройте скобки.
Mrs Mallison (had taught, teaches, has been teaching) at our school for twenty years now.
1. has been teaching
2. teaches
3. had taught

Раскройте скобки.
Ring me as soon as you (came, come, comes) home.
1. come
2. came
3. comes

Раскройте скобки.
He (begins, began, has begun) to write his composition at three o’clock. It’s already eleven, and he still (is writing, are writing) it. He says he (has finished, will have finished) it by twelve.
1. has begun, are writing, has finished
2. began, is writing, will have finished

Раскройте скобки.
When we (comes, have come, came) to the station, the train already (had arrived, has arrived, arrived).
1. comes, has arrived
2. have come, arrived
3. came, had arrived

Раскройте скобки.
We (had been helping, have been helping) our librarian to put the books in the right order for already three days.
1. have been helping
2. had been helping

Раскройте скобки.
When Mrs Garrison (comes, came, is coming) home yesterday, she (see, saw, has seen) that her daughter (is cooking, has cooked, was cooking) supper and (is waiting, has waited, was waiting) for her with the table laid.
1. came, saw, was cooking, was waiting
2. comes, see, is cooking, is waiting
3. is coming, has seen, has cooked, has waited

Раскройте скобки.
The moon (Didn’t rise, hasn’t risen) yet.
1. didn’t rise
2. hasn’t risen

Раскройте скобки.
He (had been waiting, will wait, waits) for fifteen minutes when at last he (sees,
has seen, saw) her at the end of the platform.
1. had been waiting, saw
2. will wait, sees
3. waits, has seen

Раскройте скобки.
On checking up his answers he (finds, found, will have found) out that he (had
made, make, is making) several errors.
1. found, had made
2. will have found, is making
3. finds, make

Раскройте скобки.
When I (came, comes, come) to her house, they told me that she (left, leaves, had left) an hour before.
1. comes, left
2. come, leaves
3. came, had left

Раскройте скобки.
I didn’t want him to go there: I (will be, was, am) afraid that something (will happen, would happen, is happen).
1. am, is happen
2. was, would happen
3. will be, will happen

Раскройте скобки.
Light (travel, travelled, travels) more quickly than sound.
1. travelled
2. travel
3. travels