Иностранный язык 2к1с ГТЭП (ответы на тест)


Иностранный язык 2к1с ГТЭП (ответы на тест)


Иностранный язык 2к1с ГТЭП (ответы на тест)

If you study hard, you ____pass your exam.
1. will
2. would have
3. would

If you lied to him, he ___angry.
1. would have been
2. would be
3. was

If Mark had finished early, he____us out.
1. would have taken
2. will take
3. would take

If I had a toothache, I_____to the dentist.
1. would have gone
2. would go
3. go

If Sam ____the car, we would have gone for a drive.
1. repaired
2. repair
3. had repaired

If he had closed the gate, the dog___out.
1. won’t get
2. wouldn’t have got
3. wouldn’t get

If I ____you, I’d tell him the truth.
1. were
2. am
3. had been

We will go cycling if it ____
1. rains
2. is raining
3. rained

You ___yourself if you aren’t careful.
1. burnt
2. will burn
3. would have burnt

This book is _______ than that one.
1. heavier
2. more heavy
3. heavy

This ring was ________ in the shop.
1. the most expensive
2. expensive
3. more expensive

It’s ________ day than yesterday.
1. hotter
2. the hottest
3. more hotter

Is it _______boring film he was ever seen?
1. more
2. the most
3. most

The weather is getting _______every hour.
1. the worst
2. badder
3. worse

My dear Grandpa is _______member of our family.
1. old
2. elder
3. the eldest

If the teacher (come) in now, what would you say?
1. come
2. will come
3. came

If I were you, I (not waste) my money on snacks.
1. wouldn’t waste
2. don’t waste
3. didn’t waste

If you (travel) to an English-speaking country, you will learn to speak better.
1. travel
2. will travel
3. travelled

If we (not hurry), we will miss the bus.
1. doesn’t hurry
2. don’t hurry
3. won’t hurry

You (practice) your speaking skills if you travel to different countries.
1. will practice
2. practice
3. would practice